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If you’ve been searching for information on someone via the Internet, you’ve no doubt run into many, many listings for that appear to have information about the person you are looking for. I’ve seen it over and over again in my searches and today I decided to check it out. I was ready to sign up, using fake information just as a test, and soon realized that my “free” account wouldn’t go through without accepting their terms. I decided to read on.

The terms spell out that there will be credit card charges. That was a red flag so I quickly cancelled out and did a Google search for “MyLife scam.” There were lots of hits. Apparently MyLife is the new version of, a site I know all too well.

Last year while planning a high school reunion, I signed up for’s Gold Membership. That was a mistake. My next credit card statement included fraudulent charges for a credit monitoring service that I’d never heard of. Nor had I ever received any information or confirmation that I’d been enrolled.

I immediately contacted and was told that I had indeed selected the service. Knowing that I had not, I promptly contacted my credit card company and had the charge removed. Apparently is operating the same scam and should be avoided.

There are two services for finding information about people that I can recommend. I have used both and without any issues. Both are useful tools. They do not always return the information I’d like or need, and the addresses are sometimes not current, but like I said, they are a tools in my arsenal that do help from time to time.

To learn more about the scam, click here.