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Divorce files are a good source for information

Did you know that files created during a divorce proceeding are public information? That’s right, all the dirty secrets couples hurl at one another when they go through a divorce can be viewed by anyone.

If you know the man you are dating has gone through a divorce and you’d like to do some checking, first find out where the divorce took place. Most divorces are handled at the county level so you’ll need to know not only what state the divorce happened in, but the county as well. The files from the case are kept at the probate court (in most cases) and all you need to do is walk in with a name (the more information you have, the better, like the date of the divorce and wife’s name) and request the file. It’s yours to view and copy if you’d like.

There may be some restrictions on viewing, for example, I was not allowed to open certain envelopes in the file that contained financial information, but there was plenty of dirt to be had even without those documents.

Remarkably, social security numbers are often present in the documents. It’s not a bad idea to copy down your man’s social security number. If you want to do a more thorough check on the guy, and you’re willing to spend a little money, a private investigator can run several reports using the social security number. Their reports provide a history of addresses, assets owned by the individual including homes, cars and boats, names of relatives, and individuals living nearby. You may also receive a criminal history if it exists.

I viewed a divorce file after I’d broken up with the man, because I was curious. For three years I had heard his side of the story and he made his ex sound like a crazy woman. But after reviewing the file, I can tell you that they both were odd and each contributed to the demise of the relationship in equal fashion.

Most recently I have been researching an aunt (long ago deceased) who led a very secretive life with huge gaps missing when her family knew nothing of her whereabouts. One of the primary sources of information was her divorce file. I did not know exactly where to look for it, but through some leads, I finally found it in Ely, Nevada.

The file, dated 1948, was over 200 pages. It answered many questions her family had about her life in the 40s. The most interesting part of her divorce file was the exhibits. Her husband accused her of being an unfit mother because she had affairs. To prove that, he submitted dozens of love letters she received (through an accomplice who testified for the husband) from a man in another state. It was incredible to read these letters, written over 60 years ago, and to learn this new information. Without the divorce file, we never would have known what really happened.

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It’s no surprise that three out of eleven tips for safe dating over the age of 40 recommend checking your date out. There are lots of ways to gather information about someone through free sources on the Internet and through public records (to learn how, check out the Survival Guide in Romantic Deception: The Six Signs He’s Lying). If you are serious about the guy, and are considering living together or marriage, it pays to be safe. If in doubt about your own investigative skills, hire a private investigator to do the background research. The peace of mind is worth it. Read more here

Ready to hire a private investigator? More comfortable working with a woman? Check out a group called Female Legal and Investigative Professionals (F.L.I.P.).